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Magic Leap 2 and Manufacturing Training with Manifest Software.

This blog takes you through a manufacturing use case and training using Magic Leap 2 and manifest software. We will lead you through videos that both explain:

  • The Manifest software 
  • The Magic Leap Manufacturing use case 
  • How training can be impacted 

Choose how you learn, watch the video or be guided through how manifest software works below.


Step 1 is to create the Manifest training libary for your machine, by:-

  • Watching them using the machine 
  • Asking them questions as they go to demonstrate what they are doing and why?
  • They either use the Magic Leap 2 headset or their own laptop, to create the training course in manifest.
  • It takes a couple of hours but you will steadily build your manifest Magic Leap 2 training library.
  • The benefits are instant in onboarding new employees or upskilling existing employees on new machines so you have a richer set of employee flexibility.
  • The savings on training time, that would otherwise be undertaken by an experienced machinist are huge.
  • Firstly, you cut the experienced machinist productivity downtime, training by weeks.
  • Secondly, you get the boost to output from the experienced machinest as a result of less time training.
  • Thirdly, you get the boost to new employee confidence, when they realise they are literally following instructions, so the likelihood of error is minimal.
  • Fourth, you get the faster new employee productivity curve as they get up to speed in days rather than weeks.
  • Fifth, you current new new employee error rate and resultant wastage.
  • Sixth, you pay for the Magic Leap 2 device and Manifest software in one new employee saving, through the above training savings, productivity gains or wastage savings.

In the second video we have a HoloLens example at manufacturer Fastenal.

The video addresses the following training questions:-

  • Where is all that expert knowledge that experience machinists have?
  • How do we access that knowledge?
  • How do we ensure when they leave or move to a different machine we keep their expertise?
  • How do we scale training?
  • How do we build new employee confidence?
  • How do we reduce new employee accident levels improving health and safety?
What was the feedback from 4 employees who had never:-
  • Used a HoloLens?
  • Used Manifest Software?
  • Used that machine?   

The video shows you exactly what these 4 employees thought during the debrief, answering further questions like:-

  • How comfortable was the HoloLens headset?
  • How was the Manifest software for training?
  • What did you like?

Watch the video for the answers which were compelling for augmented reality and training, for Manifest, for fastenal as a company deploying the software on an increased library of machines.

Manifest software training Feedback Summary  

  • They liked text and video as a combination of training tools.
  • They liked the confidence the software and HoloLens gave them.
  •  The system was pretty easy
  • The headset lighter than they thought, they forgot it was on
  • Schematics were very helpful.
  • The Videos very helpful.
  • They liked the fact they could refer back if they forgot a step easily.
  • They liked both the directional arrows and the step by step training approach.

Manifest software and Magic Leap 2 or HoloLens for manufacturing training - Summary.

  • The training completion times were cut dramatically saving time money and boosting productivity.
  • The experience IP was retained and scaled across the business - rather than lost when a machinest moved on, left or retired.
  • The accuracy of task execution was dramatically improved.
  • The ease of following instructions, compared to paper and manuals, transformed to handsfree.    


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