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Magic Leap 2 - A Detailed Review Toolkit

Magic Leap 2 Review Toolkit

For the serious Augmented Reality fan, follower or devotee (already on the journey), we have launched a Review Toolkit of the Enterprise Solutions for you from Magic Leap.
This Magic Leap 2 Review Toolkit contains:
  • Information Centre - where you can access everything 
  • Case Study - Magic Leap 2 case study on Savings and ROI 
  • FAQ - 40+ frequently asked questions for Magic Leap
  • Downloads - Specification sheets, Technical documents 
  • Test Drive - Book a Magic Leap 2 Test Drive today
  • Field of View advantage - See how the HoloLens 2 compares to the Navigator 500 and Magic Leap 2 


More About Magic Leap 2

Since Microsoft made the decision to downsize their team working on HoloLens and Augmented Reality, it has been widely reported in the press. However, this shift in focus has paved the way for Magic Leap to emerge as the leading Augmented Reality Enterprise Solution. With their innovative technology and commitment to pushing the boundaries of augmented reality, Magic Leap has quickly become the go-to choice for serious AR enthusiasts, followers, and devotees.
Their enterprise solutions offer a comprehensive toolkit that includes an Information Centre, case study on savings and ROI, an FAQ section with over 40 frequently asked questions, downloads of specification sheets and technical documents, as well as the opportunity to book a live Magic Leap 2 test drive.
Additionally, users can explore the Field of View advantage, comparing the HoloLens 2 to the Navigator 500 and Magic Leap 2. Whether you are already on the AR journey or just starting out, Magic Leap's enterprise solutions provide everything you need to dive into the exciting world of augmented reality. 
For Expand Reality, the key is the advantage of Magic Leap's 70% diagonal field of view, its light weight and its developer friendly stance in the market.
We would recommend booking a Magic Leap Test Drive to ensure:
  • We properly gauge the right solution for your use case 
  • We identify the savings areas that will remove cost and unlock a strong return on investment performance 
  • We will determine the right deployment support for your role out 
  • We will also determine the right software for you to compliment the augmented reality hardware
  • As well as which, we will assess your remote experts need to the devices that are required: 
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Google Meet
    • Video Hardware 


Book a Test Drive today to find out more about the Magic Leap and other devices available on a deeper level!

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