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Magic Leap 2 - Microsoft Teams Access


This blog contains a video that shows you how to:

  • Use a Magic Leap 2 device 

  • Join a Teams meeting with the SimplyVideo apps new capabilities

  • Collaborate over an aircraft engine design

  • Using Unity's software features developed for Magic Leap 2 



Magic Leap 2 and Teams Collaboration Use Cases  

The use cases for Magic Leap 2 and Teams are endless:

  • For engineering sharing designs in 3D , cutting down approval and turnaround times.

  • For architects sharing designs and CAD drawings with collaboration partners or customers.

  • To remote experts in the field of medicine sharing CAT scans and MRI scans

We will cover the last one medical in more detail so here goes:


Magic Leap 2 and Neurosurgery Use Cases

The video below shows UC Davis and a Neurosurgery Team and how they use the Magic Leap 2 device.

  • Planning pre-op changes dramatically as they can view the MRI & CAT scans in full 3D HD quality.

  • Any potential "bumps in the road" can be pre identified and considered.

  • The CAT & MRI scans are uploaded to the Magic Leap 2 devices so the surgeons have everything they need but in 3D not 2D.

  • The Haptic Hand controller lets them control the session and advance the scan, rotate it and plan.

  • Listen to the team using the device and see what they think of the advancements to the care standards they can now deliver, helping enhance collaboration and productivity.

  • With a combination of the two software types the medical side and the ability to collaborate using the Teams platform the information they can share with:

- Remote experts is unsurpassed, revolutionised.

 - The operating team to coordinate complex procedures unprecedented.

- The families exactly what they are trying to fix during the operation.

- The customer before surgery so they know exactly what's going to happen. 



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