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Magic Leap and Remote Expert, Workflows and Collaboration

Magic Leap continues to gather pace in its ecosystem and its software partners continue to add functionality with mixed reality.

sphere software and Magic Leap

In this blog we look at Magic Leap 2 and Sphere and how they have evolved to deliver "Use Types" like remote expert and tasks, workflows that fit different industries for different purposes.
'A solution powered by augmented reality...'


The video walks you through a Medical case study where a huge medical organisation in Healthcare were hit by Covid lockdown and had a need for a solution that enabled:
  • Specialised experts remotely located anywhere in the real world  

  • To dial into a Magic Leap 2 device and have the "see what the wearer sees" view

  • Guide them around equipment to diagnose issues 

  • Without travelling

 Problems dealt with in this Medical use case with Magic Leap 2 and Sphere software are:
  • Remove the need for someone to fly in and fix the issue

  • Remove the travel related cost of airlines, hotels etc...

  • Remove the downtime caused by technical faults

  • Remove the delay till the fix was applied ie cut days into hours

  • Remove inefficiency and delivery better customer service and satisfaction with these applications

  • Utilise a set of globally distributed experts efficiently

The impact was just under a $10,000,000 saving per annum, meaning this customer could buy 2,500 Magic Leap headsets and still breakeven.

'Gateway to the world of augmented reality...'


Sphere has now evolved their software that works with Magic Leap 2 and HoloLens 2 to encompass three software use cases into one called HoloOne with a range of collaboration solutions.

Be it Medical, Manufacturing, Construction or Engineering use cases, the second video walks you through how the software has evolved into three elements:

Sphere Workspace - Collaborate on three deal models from anywhere in the world via the apps .

Sphere Task - Training and workflow support/workshop. 

Sphere Expert - Connect to expert specialists, seeing what you see, sharing files and manuals to guide you. 

For remote collaboration in Medical, Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction industries. Allowing for companies to cover multiple use cases like:
  • Medical remote expert, Medical collaboration, Medical workflows and training. 

  • Manufacturing remote expert, Manufacturing collaboration, Manufacturing workflows and training.

  • Engineering remote expert, Engineering collaboration, Engineering workflows and training.

  • Construction remote expert, Construction collaboration, Construction workflows and training.

With the Building Safety Act 2022 designed to deliver accountability to building high rises, with the Health and Safety Executive having the teeth to sign off on designs, approve construction compliance and jail people for up to 2 years for non-compliance, efficient sharing of 3D designs, AI that manages the construction regulation compliance, and the sign off of construction work are now here, with meaningful penalties if folk get this wrong.



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