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Magic Leap 2 V HoloLens 2

Magic Leap 2 V HoloLens 2
Looking to identify the key differences between Magic Leap 2 and Microsoft HoloLens 2? We've explored and highlighted them below to help you get a better understanding of both devices.

When it comes to Magic Leap 2 and HoloLens 2 both great augmented reality technologies , however, Microsoft has last week thrown its software weight behind Quest 3 with the full Office suite and Microsoft Mesh being available on Quest 3.

At the same time Magic leap unveil $590M in funding for their "Scale and Adoption phase" calling it Chapter 3 after Chapter 1 Innovation and Chapter 2 Productisation.

We felt it was worthwhile reminding you what the key Enterprise adoption differences were, in our humble view. 


5 Practical Areas of Headset Advantage

 There are five very practical areas where the Magic Leap headset has advantages for all day enterprise use, creating a sort of augmented reality showdown.  

Magic Leap 2 v HoloLens 2 Headset Weight 

Magic Leap 2 weight advantage

Headset weight has a massive bearing on everyday use. Whether its basic comfort or whether its a factor that seriously hampers adoption, or whether it's simply the practicality of a light v twice as heavy headset, it all comes down to design and comfort . You want to consider the impact:

  • All Day Wearability

  • Comfort

  • Adoption

  • Practicality

Magic Leap 2 v HoloLens 2 Field of View  

Magic Leap 2 Field of View advantage



The second massive advantage is the Field of View advantage of 34% that Magic Leap 2 has over the HoloLens 2.

This delivers the ability to see the real world and have digital aids deliver vital information without one impinging on the other unless you really want it too.  You want to consider the impact:


  • Useability

  • Depth of Information

  • Adoption

  • Practicality


Magic Leap 2 v HoloLens 2 Input Methods

Magic Leap 2 Input advantage

Whereas both headsets accommodate voice control, gesture control and eye tracking, the Magic Leap 2 has head posture and a hand based controller to add further flexibility as options to everyday use. You want to consider the impact:

  • Usability

  • Flexibility

  • Sub Millimeter Precision

  • Practicality

Magic Leap 2 v HoloLens 2 Dimmable Technology

Magic Leap 2 Dimmable technology

The next really is the difference between night and day. For those of you that have tried to use a mobile device in broad daylight and still see the screen you'll be familiar with this issue.

Dimmable technology gives you the ability to dim or enlighten the screen so that you get the right amount of light on the situation that your task requires. You want to consider the impact:

  • All Light Conditions

  • Bright Light Wearability

  • Dark Light Wearability

  • Practicality

Magic Leap 2 v HoloLens 2 Compute

Magic Leap 2 Compute power

Last but not least is the compute power of the AMD chipset which is up to 32% faster depending on the software application, but speed is always key when dealing with time critical situations in enterprise, blue light or healthcare medical situations. You want to consider the impact:

  • Speed

  • Productivity

  • Adoption

Magic Leap 2 v HoloLens 2 Comparison Infographic

Below is a handy PDF that outlines the key features of the Magic Leap 2 device in comparison with the HoloLens 2. You can download to win the user community over as to why your considering one rather than the other by comparing the augmented reality devices .


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