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Magic Leap 2 Medical Holodeck - Training and Operating Use Cases


Here Medical Training on the arm as an overview.This Blog will cover Magic Leap 2 and medical holodeck and how the two hardware and software solutions combine to deliver enhance medical and healthcare performance and low risk high engagement training in 3D.

An Introduction to Medical Holodeck Software

The video before gives an insight into a medical use case and 3D training. 


Here you will see how the Holodeck software uses:

  • AI to identify and display key organs
  • How the Magic Leap 2 displays the 3D images, allows pointing to the anatomy area.



To give you an example of how comprehensive Medical Holodecks training videos are we have detailed some snippet video's below so you can see how Medical training can be accelerated with the software and Magic Leap combined.

Here Medical training on the Hand dissection.



Here Medical training on the Human Liver.




Here Medical Training on the human lung.



Here Medical training on a broken Knee.


Here Medical Training on the Heart and blood flow.



Here Medical Training on brain aneurysms.


Here Medical Training on the spine.


Here Medical Training on the heart valves.


Here Medical Training on the arm as an overview.


Magic Leap 2 Medical Training

The power of medical student training in immersive 3D replaces the need for less immersive learning methods and delivers the following powerful training advantages:-

  • Faster medical learning and information absorption.
  • Remote learning opportunities removing costly travel.
  • Higher attainment levels and therefore Medical training reputational impact.
  • Higher student recruitment levels as they are attracted by less book based learning and more 3D visual practical learning.
  • Less cost associated with books and physical example storage.

We could continue for a while however the key thing with this blog is that medical training establishments that haven't spotted the assisted and augmented reality hardware opportunities can see the power and potential of moving to this type of learning model to replace or supplement current learning methods.