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Magic Leap 2 Licensing, Basic, Developer and Enterprise - Explained

In this video we explain the Magic Leap 2 licensing and the differences between the three levels:

  • Basic - comes with every Magic Leap licensing as standard

  • Developer - If you're developing app's for the Magic Leap Ecosystem for collaboration, remote expert or workflows.

  • Enterprise - If your deploying Magic Leap 2 across your organisation, be it a hospital, engineering company, manufacturing, design or education authority/organisation.



This video walks you through what's included as a guide at a high level and answers the basic questions of "What do I get?" with the license agreement

What hardware do I get with each Magic Leap 2 software level?

The answer is that every shipment of Magic Leap 2 comes with a Headset, Controller and Compute Puck.

This enables you to have:

a) A far lighter headset as the compute pack can be attached to your pocket or belt. This is ideal for all day wearability and comfort.

b) A Hand held controller than can act as a pointer, mouse or haptic sensory device, which is in addition to voice commands, eye direction of gaze following, hand gestures, head gestures therefore you have an array of controls that will feel natural.

The first thing that strikes everyone is the 70% field of view that is industry class defining, see the short video below that contrasts the HoloLens 2, RealWear Navigator 500 and Magic Leap 2 Field of View.


The second image helps you understand at a glance 


Magic Leap 2 Software licenses whats included?

The Basic Magic Leap software is increasing in every release in two different directions:

The amount of software that's included and the scope of the software having more features and richer functionality. We strongly advise you have a quick conversation about your basic needs to understand whether you need the higher software license levels as this landscape changes frequently. (Use the form below or the Test Drive feature to organise a quick Q and A session or full Test Drive )

As soon as you move off the basic license level you get:

  • Magic Leap 2 Augmented Reality Cloud (AR Cloud) Application

  • Magic Leap 2 Multi-user enabling multiple user collaboration and object control for sharing 3D images effectively

Magic Leap 2 Multiple Users


All three license levels have hand tracking, eye tracking and voice enable commands.

Image 18-03-2024 at 09.10

There are two further features that are enabled with both the Developer and Enterprise levels:

Iris authentication - which allows eye iris recognition as a device activation authentication.

Remote rendering - for large scale design / medical images where 3D detail is critical to cut design tweaks and provide proper feedback sessions without asking clients or guests to understand complex 2D blueprints.

Image 19-03-2024 at 13.46 

Guest Feature Writer James Bolger Hints and Tips section:

There are three different editions of the Magic Leap 2, which all serve different purposes. 

Base Edition - This is the recommended solution for both professionals and developers who work in a standalone environment.

Developer Edition - The Developer Edition provides access to Magic Leap’s own developer tools, sample projects and features from the Enterprise package. It can’t be used for commercial deployments or in your production environment but provides early access to feature releases for development purposes.

Enterprise Edition - Includes robust enterprise features such as spatial collaboration, the use of persistent environments, the Nvidia Omniverse™ integration Magic Leap have announced, IRIS ID authentication and AR Cloud deployment that enables synchronised spatial data across a fleet of devices.

Which edition is right for you?

The Base Edition is ideal for anyone who is looking to deploy a built application for demonstration or single device deployment - depending on your use case and application. 

The Developer Edition will be necessary for anyone who is looking to develop custom solutions for the Magic Leap 2. Early access to features will help your development team stay ahead of the curve, and you will gain access to many of the features of the Enterprise edition so you can build a solution suited to your needs as an enterprise customer or for an enterprise customer.

Developer Edition licence: £763+ VAT (2 year licence)

The Enterprise Edition is a robust option for anyone looking to deploy the Magic Leap 2 at scale, or make the most of it’s spatial collaboration capabilities with other devices. Enhanced device security measures, effective MDM support and best-in-class AR mean that this is the solution for anyone who is looking to deploy best-in-class wearable Augmented Reality at scale.

Enterprise licence: £1,383+ VAT (2 year licence)

It is always worth explaining this to our Solutions team when you purchase and they will be happy to guide you towards the most suitable licence model. Licences can also be added to the Base Edition after purchase.