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Magic Leap 2 and SentiAR 3D Visualisation Software for Medical Operations

This blog covers Magic Leap 2 and SENTiAR software and how they combine to produce Command EP and Medical precision platform to elevate visualisation of 3D human anatomy.


Magic Leap 2's light headset, 70% field of view and unmatched compute power enable it to handle SENTiAR software and 3D anatomy visualisation and give surgeons unmatched handsfree detail that is vital for the following reasons:-

  •  Medical Use Case: Non invasive medical procedures require access by their nature through small incisions.
  •  Micro 3D detail and precision reduce navigational errors that both surgeon and patient wish to avoid.
  • The SentiAR software featured in the video above give the physician unmatched control of the cardiac map
  • The ability to view in 3D the anatomy in every detail and collaborate with colleagues.

Magic Leap 2 and SentiAR 3D precision

  • Access to high definition Holography without needing to glance to a seperate device.
  • The clarity that Magic Leap 2 and SENTiAR deliver gives the ability to spot minor anatomical variances that would not be spotted with old 2D technology.

    Old 2D image pre Magic Leap 2
  • The therapeutic decision making can be accelerated leading to safer patient outcomes 
  • The ability to identify precise lesion placements is critical for accuracy.
  • The addition of multiple headsets to sessions transforms both collaboration and training with Magic Leap 2 and SentiAR.
  • The immersive nature of the 3D images and the ability to grasp exact processes is acute. 
  • As is the ability to bring in expert colleagues to advise consult or re-assure and guide.
  • This transforms medical training and medical collaboration. 

Magic Leap 2 and SENTiAR collaboration and training

Which use cases does the Command EP and Magic Leap 2 do best in serving?

  • Medical use cases with the need for 3D imagining, or precise unintrusive operations.
  • Medical Use cases with the need for Training junior colleagues and Multi-users seeing the same images.
  • Medical Use case with the need for remote experts to observe, guide or coach a operating surgeon wearing a Magic Leap 2 device.
  • Medical use cases where traditional 2D images, MRi , Cat scan to form a 3D image with precise detail and the ability to detect anatomical variations that need to be catered for or understood. 

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