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Magic Leap , Siemens and the Javits Centre Set Seven New Standards.

In this blog we look at how at the Javits Centre, Magic Leap and Siemens are combining to set new higher standards in 7 key areas.

This video walks you through the example:


No 1: Shape a massive operation at scale 

Seimens and Magic leap at the Javits Centre

Q: How big is the Javits Centre in New York?

A: 3.3million sq ft - we think that really is scale in the FM world!

No 2: Monitoring a complex eco-system of systems and processes in real time!

Monitoring systems and processes in real time - Magic Leap and Siemens  

Q: How sophisticated is the building technology in the Javits Centre?

A: - This page takes you into the high-level detail



HIGH-SPEED INTERNET ACCESS delivered by two separate and dual-homed 10Gbps internet pipes, configured for load balancing and high availability so that our customers always remain connected

CAT 6 COPPER AND AN OPTIC FIBRE CABLE INFRASTRUCTURE designed to deliver connectivity and internet access to every part of every hall, meeting room and public space

WIRED INTERNET SERVICES with dedicated bandwidth for each data connection, including (1.5Mbps, 3Mbps, 5Mbps, 10Mbps and high speed configurations as needed)

HIGH-DENSITY WIRELESS NETWORK spanning the entire building on all four levels that can host up to 70,000 mobile devices concurrently

NEUTRAL HOST DISTRIBUTED ANTENNA SYSTEM delivering cell phone connectivity from all major networks

STATE-OF-THE-ART DATA CENTER hosting services for physical and/or virtual servers


No 3: Seamlessly collaborating with colleagues and clients 


Image 27-03-2024 at 15.27 

Seamlessly collaborating and connecting with colleagues is much harder than it sounds without state of the art technology. Connecting on global collaboration systems like Microsoft Teams is easy with Magic Leap 2 and SimplyVideo's XRConnect which works in 1080 HD at 250kbs bandwidth.

Watch the video below where hands-free voice control manages simple Microsoft Teams zooming in on objects for remote experts, natively. 


No 4: Train new staff to the highest exacting standards with spatial computing

Q: What kind of efficiencies are possible?

A: PBC Linear used Magic Leap to shave 90.7% off the cost training of new employees and delivered a 5.7X return on the devices cost in one new employee! See the case study video below:


See the remote assistance Case Study here:


No 5: When maintenance issues arise, locate the problem and complete work orders in real time

Identify process and system issues with Magic Leap 2

ViewAR is a software built to work on Magic Leap for Facilities Management companies and teams.

This integration is designed to help businesses in the industrial manufacturing sector tackle some of their biggest challenges. By focusing on key areas such as reducing costly downtime, improving worker and workplace safety, and addressing the shortage of skilled labor, this tool is a valuable asset for any workforce! Be the first to Experience the Future of Industrial Manufacturing with Our Magic Leap Integration. Our software products can now be experienced through Magic Leap, offering endless possibilities for many industries such as manufacturing, energy, and construction.

  • AR Indoor Navigation
  • AR Remote Assistance
  • AR Streamlined Processes
  • Industry 4.0 & IoT

Watch the video below:


No 6: The specialist you need always by your side 

See how that's achieved with Magic Leap and Manifest software in the video below:


No 7: Magic Leap and Siemens used the new tools of Spatial computing, where digital information is overlaid on the real world to bring the ultimate FM systems and processes under control


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