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Vuzix Assisted Reality and Logistics and Warehousing Report

Today Vuzix released 12 key findings with their new report on revolutionising fulfilment operations with workforce automation within the logistics industry.

Vuzix Assisted reality - Logistics and warehousing

The report highlights 3 drivers that are impacting warehousing logistics operations:
  • Skyrocketing customer expectations 

  • Balancing efficiency with cost 

  • Embracing Technical transformation  

The 9 facts that come out of the report explain where the Industry is going:

They also show how fast they will transform to address the key issues they face.

  • 45% of the companies survey had a workforce turnover issue. 

  • 46% had a picking accuracy issue impacting order fill and line fill creating a customer issue.

  • 38% were focused on boosting productivity. 

  • 50% had a new staff onboarding issue. 

  • 30% of retailers were going to be using assisted or augmented reality within 4 years.

  • 94% of companies surveyed believed hybrid warehouses with augmented reality tools. 

  • 69% believed assisted and augmented reality wearables will be central to next generation warehouses. 

  • 59% believed assisted reality would deliver a 15% increase in warehouse productivity.

Full Report Here 

Those numbers are fascinating, but let's look at how assisted reality smart glasses from Vuzix can help address those issues in a way that managers of warehouses and picking operations can relate to and understand, making warehouse operations, inventory control and the overall picking process much smoother.

Here's a Vuzix Smart Glasses picking example at DHL & Ricoh's warehouse:
Software used Ubimax


Here are the advantages:
  • Faster picking

  • Hands free vision based picking (much easier warehouse product preparation for the picker)

  • No pick lists - paper free


Not only green saving paper and carbon footprint, but faster hands free picking.

Here's another Vuzix picking example with Edge realities software.


Here is another example with Peter Millar with Logistview software was used for picking and taking the load off the conveyor. 


If we look at what the warehouse management advised us were the benefits, then they address some of the issues highlighted in our 9 highlighted areas.

See image below:

Image 15-03-2024 at 12.28

They were able able to increase order and line fill, reduce training time and increase productivity.

Hear is a webinar that focuses on the Vuzix M400 and Logistics and Warehousing involving a walk through, then a 15 minute Q&A.  


Vision based picking webinar addresses a number of key questions: 

What technical support can I get on hardware and software?

Can I use the Vuzix Smart glasses for damaged goods recording with pictures or video capture?

Can I handle both strong and poor Wifi situations in a warehouse?

Can I use the smart glasses for quality control and traceability?

Can I handle QR codes at pick points, on boxes of different sizes?

How comfortable are the smart glasses?

Can they have different battery configurations? 


Looking to improve your logistics processes, understand more about the future of logistics with AR or simply want more information on the AR solutions available? Book a Test Drive today to see which Vuzix device is best suited to your business.