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Vuzix Blade 2 and Its Functionality

This blog is about the Vuzix Blade and its flexibility in addressing both:
  • High end consumer tasks

  • Business manufacturing, engineering, construction requirements

The video takes you through how you could use a Vuzix Blade 2 in everyday life to just save time and avoid glancing at the ever present mobile device. 


The day starts with connecting to my phone on bluetooth and it then goes away in my pocket which will be the last time i touch it till i'm home!

On with the augmented reality glasses, time to get an Uber to the airport. Alexa books the Uber, updates me as i wait.

Vuzix Blade 2 Colour Display

On the way to the airport my Vuzix Blade tells me i'm in luck, I have a powder day in Park City.

Image 21-03-2024 at 14.14-1

The flight gate is switched at the airport, but I don't have to check a screen or my phone as my Blade keeps me posted.

vuzix blade 2

I watch what I want to on the plane!

Image 21-03-2024 at 14.14

My ride to the resort is effortless as i can keep updated on the way.

vuzix blade 2

The best run of the day is recorded and Strava tells me i'm not breaking the sound barrier as I bounce my turns.

Image 21-03-2024 at 14.15

The Mrs decides to lark about - and yes we recorded it!

vuzix blade 2  

 Then it's check the best pub for the meet up

Vuxiz blade 2

And Après Ski with my besties

Vuzix Blade 2

The phones in the pocket the whole time, and whilst this is an example having fun we can see how the blade could be used for handsfree picking, "view picking" in a logistics warehouse.

Vuzix Blade 2  

The specification sheet for the Blade 2 performance AR eyewear is below with stronger wifi and Bluetooth than the Blade 1 and better safety glass credentials with IEC6060

Vuzix Blade 2

For those multitaskers - an urgent business meeting threatens to interrupt your day off, however your committed and can attend the call. It on Microsoft Teams, which is known for being a tad Wifi hungry. 

Problem solved SimplyVideo have XRConnect, a power-shell you download that means you can join a Teams call on as little as 250kb.

XRConnect Microsoft Teams and the Vuzix Blade 2

 There are other benefits which we will show you in a short video which answers the following questions:-

  • Can I join a Microsoft Teams call easily?

  • Can I attend the call in low bandwidth conditions?

  • Can I use my Vuzix Blade 2 voice command functionality to zoom in or change my Teams meeting?

  • Is the call quality good enough for a business call?


The Official Vuzix Blade 2 Walkthrough Video is below:



Vuzix Blade 2 Smart Glasses Use Cases

The video shows you how the versatility of the Vuzix Blade 2 walks straight into use cases for assisted reality viewing in industry use cases such as:

Assisted remote expert Medical Use Cases - where "see what I see in detail is crucial"

In Healthcare for remote diagnosis in emergency incidents such as paramedic or ambulance triage.

In Construction for onsite inspection and staged completion surveys.

In Training where video or PDF based training surfaces in the lens.

For security and remote camera or video capture more discreetly than a body camera.

Vuzix Blade 2


The key Vuzix Blade 2 features and benefits are:

  • Lightweight for day long business wearability 

  • Streaming video to an expert or capturing video evidence.

  • Or simply referencing PDF's and instructions which we will show you in a later video.  


Image 21-03-2024 at 14.59 

Noise canceling for ear protection or for connecting to a remote expert in noisey sites or work areas make life much more bearable and collaboration easy.

Vuzix Blade 2

This video shows you how easy it is to view PDF's to zoom in and read them in bright light or night time.


And we finish with the Vuzix official feature short video


Vuzix Blade Summary 

Rather than cover technicalities we'll just summarise where we see the advantages:

  • Your phone display is effectively now your glasses.

  • No looking done, no missing key updates.

  • Interchangeable for your personal and business life.

  • Cheaper than a mobile phone and can handle prescription inserts.

  • Noise cancelling makes them very versatile in terms of noisy environments.

  • Connect to a colleague for advice on the world recognised collaboration tools is easy with XRConnect using less call bandwidth and simple QR code scan joining features.

  • Recording can be stored to the phone or the cloud (XRConnect) 

More Vuzix Information   

Vuzix Download Centre

If you want to find out more about the Vuzix Blade, enquire about Vuzix Blade availability or get a feel for the Vuzix product range, book a Test Drive today!