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Vuzix - Assisted Reality Service Launched

At Expand Reality, we are excited about the impacts that Assisted and Augmented Reality can have and that we have witnessed in countless case studies, from:
  • 90.7% reduction in production delivery times at Lockheed Martin. 
  • 90% reduction in Training costs at PBC Linear.
  • 10 x productivity gains for senior engineers on site visits at CH Four Biogas. 
  • Dramatic cuts in travel costs, CSR gains and productivity increases at Probo Medical.
So we have launched the Vuzix Assisted Reality Service to help scale those benefits to more businesses.


So what is the service?   

It starts with explaining some of the terms, devices, benefits of one hardware solution versus the other. Usually both are good as each other and it's a case of what "fits" your intended use case.
So we start at what we see as a 5 step process with:
  • The problem 
  • The use case 
  • The fix type - productivity, training times , production delivery cycles, travel costs and travel time.

Augmented Reality (1)

To help with that we have prepared introductory pages that introduce you to the case studies to show you what the art of the possible is, and then:
  • They guide you through the use cases 
  • Often from different industries 
  • Solving the problems different ways 
  • With different technologies   


The pages go on the help you hind the links to all the information and answer questions you might have at any stage of your assisted or augmented reality journey.


Be it more Case Studies in different industries or:
  • Explaining the differences between Assisted and Augmented reality.
  • Comparing market leading solutions, so you can try them with your eyes wide open.
  • Solving issues like, how do I bring in a remote expert to see what I'm seeing and help me?
  • Or more widely connecting from any video enabled device or platform into the headsets.  


Whilst manufacturers might pre-occupy themselves with this technical feature or that, we start from a humble reality:-
  • Somebody is going to have to sign off the investment. 
  • That means understanding the Return on Investment is more than a shrewd idea. 
So Case Studies abound, every time we uncover a new use case and return on investment we will feature it here



Every comparison we do between similar or competing technologies we will cover it here 


We loathe jargon and like to demystify the technical into practical, "what does it do for me, common sense" so we have created a comprehensive set of FAQs that cover:

  • Technical elements and specifications
  • Jargon
  • Comparative performance or feature sets 


To help you uncover this information we have several "doorways to the Information" Like this Manufacturers information/help centre, that features:
  • Case Studies 
  • Technical Product Sheets 
  • How to book. test drive easily in 2 clicks 
  • Access to FAQs
Vuzix Info Centre Graphic 
Click Here to access the Vuzix Manufacturer's Information Centre.
We will also update the content to feature new product releases like the Vuzix Z100.
If you'd like to book a Test Drive Here is the place you can do it from this blog.