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Vuzix Z100 Smart Glasses Launch with AI Search Tool.


Vuzix announces the Z100, with first previews available at Booth No #20143 at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, ready for developers to create solutions targeting warehouse manufacturing type use cases where the user "removes the need to carry a mobile or tablet device".

Expand Reality as a Hardware reseller and SimplyVideo its sister company, a software development house, announces it will have a AI based search tool ready for the Z100 in Q1 2024. The tool will search publicly available data in its launch form with private database searches as a "next development release".

Vuzix Z100   


The list price for the Vuzix Z100 is set at $799.99 USD

Vuzix Z100 Overview:

This device is aimed at all day wearability for a $799.99 price point.  It offers all-day wearability and seamless connectivity to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth, with a design that looks as sleek and attractive as an ordinary pair of frames.

Expand Reality AI search tool.

This enables Z100 users to visualise data in their lenses to enable hands free operation in a warehouse or manufacturing environment. The combined Smartglasses hardware and software, XR + AI, gives frontline workers the access to data in a voice activated, hands free, basis. SimplyVideo has incorporated OpenAI as a doorway to Chat GPT’s Large Language Model of information, but also as a doorway for businesses to create their own datasets specific to their job roles or industry in what we are calling a FLM “Focused Language Model” said Alex Deighton SimplyVideo CEO.

Key Features and Benefits:

Vuzix Z100 smart glasses solve numerous safety and productivity issues common across warehouses and manufacturing facilities where workers must routinely interact with an array of devices with poor or inconvenient native UI feedback.

The Vuzix Z100 gives workers heads up information such as AI workflow augmentation, scan confirmations, picking directions, device readouts, and more, without causing them to interact with their phone or other device.

In addition, the Vuzix Z100 presents a powerful solution for translations and speech to text annotations, particularly for travellers, workers having to interact with foreign language speakers, and the hearing impaired.

Timeline and Availability:

The first units of the Vuzix Z100 are anticipated to be in stock in Q1 2024. 

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