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Vuzix Z100 Brings Inclusivity to the Deaf Community

This blog announces the break through for deaf people who can now instantly read voice conversations and respond using the the Vuzix Z100 deaf campaign.

Vuzix Z100 symbol of hope to deaf people 

vuzix z100

With technology continuing to break barriers, Vuzix’s latest product release, the Z100 Smart Glasses, has shown itself to be a symbol of hope amongst the deaf community. With around 900,000 people in the UK affected by severe hearing loss, there’s an ever-growing demand for technology that enables them to communicate efficiently with those around them. This is where the Z100 comes in, helping deaf children, deaf men and deaf woman feel more included.

The Deaf issue impacting quality of life and learning 

For years, deaf children have faced the challenge of not being able to fully engage with their favourite TV programmes, missing out on crucial audio cues and dialogue. This doesn’t just have an impact on their ability to enjoy media such as live TV and sports, it also affects their ability to take part in real-time conversations revolving around those popular shows. 

Z100 Demo Smart Glasses with Ai Search Tool at CES Show 2024 Las Vegas

In a recent demo to a group of deaf children, students with disabilities and parents, Vuzix showcased their latest release by enabling those with the Z100 smart glasses to watch live sports, with real-time transcripts, so that the user could communicate in real-time as the game played out. To do this, the Z100 device links to a mobile with a transcript app and search tool, so messages can be easily written and displayed on the device. You can also connect with apps such as Microsoft Teams, with a Vuzix and Teams connectivity available.



This technology from Vuzix made the interaction between father and son extremely heart-warming, enabling the son to understand the dad without having to lip-read or use sign language. Similarly, a deaf woman was able to engage with her daughter through the same process, with her daughter using the transcript tool. By being able to communicate and engage this way, the children were able to feel part of the bigger picture, bringing many of the parents to tears. Think the Vuzix Smart Glasses might be right for you? Book a Test Drive today! 


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