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Vuzix and Teams Connectivity

In today's rapidly evolving world of technology, the Magic Leap 2, HoloLens 2, and Vuzix M400 devices have emerged as leading Augmented Reality and Assisted Reality(AR) devices. In today's blog we take you through four very common scenario's:
Vuzix remote expert
  • A Smart Glasses wearer in this case Vuzix M400 wishes to connect to a remote expert.
  • The remote expert wants to see what the smart glasses Vuzix M400 wearer is seeing in HD/4K clarity.
  • The remote expert and the smart glasses wearer want to interact using Microsoft Teams.
  • The smart glasses wearer wants to remain handsfree during the call using voice controls to control the Teams call. 

Remote Expert, Connecting on Teams to a Vuzix M400

In this blog we deal with three simple requirements:

  • Using Assisted Reality Glasses in this case Vuzix M400's.
  • Bring a remote Expert into the smart glasses
  • And let the remote expert see what the smart glass wearer is seeing and communicate with them

How to connect a Vuzix M400 wearer and a remote expert using Microsoft Teams

So how do we bring that remote expert into a set of Vuzix M400 smart glasses?

  • In the video you see the simple process 
  • The user joins a Teams call via the QR code
  • Simple voice commands enable the smart glass user to expand the view zoom in, etc

What are the components you to bring a remote user into a Vuzix M400 set of smart glasses?

  • A set of Vuzix M400 glasses
  • A Simply Video subscription that enables the Teams access

What are the Remote Expert use cases?

There are numerous remote expert and smart glasses use cases, showcasing the versatility and potential of these innovative technologies. One such use case is in training departments, where remote trainers can attend real-life situations through the smart glasses worn by the trainee.

Let's take two examples and explain them at a high level: 

  • Training departments 
    • The remote trainer wants to attend a real life situation the smart glasses wearer has in front of them.
    • We can only imagine the number of End User situations. 
    • The Medical and Healthcare segments were very early adopters.
    • Training any new medical student in real time whatever their discipline is easy.
  • Field Audits 
    • Construction companies were quick to spot the productivity economics of not travelling to sites.
    • They simply attend via the smart glasses 10 times the sites they would if they travelled to them.
    • That scaled senior engineers 10 fold in terms of sites they could manage.
    • It speeds up cash flow as banks wanted audited progress before signing of the next tranche of finance.
    • It enabled video's to be kept for training and audit libraries to be developed   

How big is that Teams addressable market for Vuzix?

The image below demonstrates the latest figures on the number of companies with Microsoft as an operating system by the top 10 countries in the world.

Image 12-02-2024 at 13.50 (1) 

So this blog highlights that there are some 2,390,000 companies, in the Top 10 countries alone, that can instantly;-

  • Cut their travel budget connected with experts traveling to customers or sites, or branch offices.
  • They can increase their experts productivity by 10X by cutting travel to site or branch activity.
  • They can rapidly reduce their carbon footprint, in a world that is increasing crying out for such initiatives.
  • Pay for the Vuzix smart glasses and XR Connect Teams Connector in under a week to get and almost instant return on investment. 

What is XR Connect for Teams and Vuzix? 


XR Connect is a simple powershell designed to work with:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Vuzix Smart glasses 

You subscribe annually from The XR Reality Shop

The powershell works natively with Microsoft Teams so that you retain all of the Microsoft Teams functionality.

What is the opportunity in the Engineering and Scientist category alone for remote expert?

This chart shows the number of engineers and scientist per country across Europe, United Kingdom heading the way with 3.6M, Followed by Germany with 3.25M, France 1.8M, Spain 1.45m and Poland 1.25m.

That's 11.35M remote expert potential users in the Top 5 countries in Europe, who could make an impact by moving to Assisted Reality and connecting to colleagues via teams to accelerate:

  • Training 
  • Productivity 
  • Travel Budget reduction 
  • Carbon consumption reduction   

Image 15-02-2024 at 10.39

So if you are a Microsoft Teams customer, you employ experts or trainers and they travel, then this blog is for you to seize the opportunity to rapidly more the needle in these four areas.
vuzix move the needle
The Training market is also huge here we see the types of training in the top countries in the world. However, training where the person is engaged:
  • In the situation 
  • By an expert 
  • Who hasn't had to travel 
In 3D advances the speed the trainee learns at, yet look at the proportion of online training, in 2D where the Trainee is sitting behind a computer.
Image 15-02-2024 at 10.05 

At Expanded Reality we'd question seriously why intelligent scientist and engineers, trainers that have the opportunity to improve the:

  • Outcome for the trainee
  • For the planet 
  • And for their own lifestyle 

And just not moving fast enough. So our challenge is move the needle, get into the red, drive change faster, we are relying on you, so let's do this!   

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