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Smart Glasses - How to Have a Successful Pilot and Scale Productivity Gains

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The secrets of a Successful Smart Glasses Pilot?

The first challenge is to get right:

- Both retaining the Voice Control, Hands Free practicality of the smartglasses wearer, so you get the productivity gains.

- Connecting to remote experts, inspectors, trainers, teachers on the preferred collaboration tool as a participant NOT as a media stream.

Why not as a media stream? 

The media stream connection comes with several complications, be it Teams, Google Meet or any Collaboration tool.

1. If you use the media stream this prevents the users of the collaboration tool sharing any content, why, because the smart glasses wearer is using the content sharing media stream, because of how you have connected! 

That's a significant drawback for many use cases , remote training and remote teaching being just two.

2. The Media stream requires significant bandwidth, which disables a further set of use cases, where the smart glasses wearer is in the field and bandwidth is poor - Construction, Gas pipelines being just two examples.

3. The AR glasses are limited by their design as to how much battery power they have, and using a media stream to connect shortens battery life.

The right way:

Join the Collaboration Tool as a participant, there are very few tools that enable this joining method, here is a link to the most popular one >> Simply Videos Smart Glasses Connect & Control

When you join as a participant using this popular subscription software here's the benefits list:

a) You do not disable the file sharing in Teams / Google Meet etc...

b) You join as a participant and therefore use less bandwidth than you would have using the media stream 

c) Smart Glasses Connect and Control has been engineered to connect in low bandwidth situations, so you gain this flexibility should bandwidth be an issue. 

d) You retain voice command audio control of your smart glasses so you can zoom in / out with a clear view, switch on the torchlight APP and stay hands free.


Here's a summary on how to master Level 1 of Smart Glasses - Connecting them properly and retaining hands free voice command and control:

smart glasses connect and control 

This is Level 1 of the 6 Levels to scaling Smart Glasses in your organisation. The ladder below shows you the other 5 steps:



If you'd like to know more here are so useful links either to the next two levels of the smart glasses success ladder, or the whole journey. Follow these and you will have a successful pilot, scale your roll out and transform the productivity and results of your smart glass deployment.  


Useful Links...

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